Tuesday, August 14, 2012

from my heart to your heart

Soul Song

Life has riddles riding its hours like surfboards upon high waves
why life gives and takes back life
we ache to understand accept know the oneness of being

I watch the white tropic bird over the ocean
does it feel free
would that be at all like the flight of the liberated soul?

while we search for meaning in famous words
those with no words
say the truth as they soar up the wind
run in tall grass 
lie down for the last time
with no volition 
       . . . let go of us 

Today I felt for a moment
My last old dog just behind me
Something in the sound of his breath
The way he once whispered after me
as if to share the inhalation of moonlight

knowing there is all love in this life
a brilliant serpent of joy wraps this present

When the aloneness strikes your cheek
what song does the wind sing?

when in the trees you hear the ocean
your heart hears the whispers of your mother
your lover's sigh in the last light of day
that yellow dog settling down in the darkness of your room
separated from the stars only for now