Friday, April 24, 2015

Halema'uma'u ~ House of Everlasting Fire

Fireworks of the deep earth
Island expanding
Challenge our sensibilities
With your mystic molten rock oceans 
Blood of the planet
Show us the workings of your heart
We hear your deep voice 

From my home just down the human roadway
I stay tuned to your rhythm
Listen for your changes in cadence
Rush off to be close

If I had your music within myself
There would be new symphonies
Expression of my gratitude 
To be alive in this time
When discovery through technology 
Forms a marriage with matters of the Spirit

In recognition of sacred spaces
We come to Kilauea 
Experience through more than human ears and eyes
What it is
Volcano that blooms in perpetual fire
As earth's plates move above it

Here now we are together 
Reaching ever further  
Beyond the veil of the undiscovered

1 comment:

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