Sunday, August 29, 2010

You Would Not Think

Life has riddles riding its hours like surfboards
while we search for meaning in famous words

We bring home puppies to pee on the carpet
dogs to remind us we are always alive
they find us more lovable than anyone ever was before
Our lives belong then to those dogs
Until time rips them away from us as it does all things
And our hearts are torn out
How can one go on then?  But we do
Today I thought for a moment
My old dog was just behind me
Something in the sound of his breath
The way he whispered after me

And how much we want babies
Flesh from our flesh blood from our blood
Carrying our hearts on the brink of their winsome laughter
We watch them for signs of anything
Prayers on the waning moon & marches of daffodils
It becomes all for them
And they grow into their personhood
to sneer at us who loved every whorl on their fingertips
we breathe as if it was the last day ever and ask
what impulse made us do the thing that brought them
to that pain and blindness
just then another day carries out a new laughter
we can see the moon in their smiles
know there is all love in this life
a brilliant serpent of joy wraps this present

what song does the wind sing
when in the trees you hear the ocean
the whispers of your mother
your lover's sigh in the moonlight
that yellow dog settling down in the darkness of your room
separated from the stars
only because it might rain

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