Monday, December 13, 2010

Mom's Desiderata

Mom's Desiderata

Go placidly amongst the family for it is the holidays
and your presence although much desired changes up the routine

No one's memory is without flaws 
thus there is always the possibility of absurd error on anyone's part
it is a waste of precious time to sort through past shoddy ideas
know that the dramas of the past exist only in the mind

If you find your tongue is sharp make amends on the spot
there is no argument to be won or lost 
only this time to be cherished
or added to the heap of wishes that never came true
for the days in front of us happen as they will
not according to plan a or plan b

Let us rejoice in the smallest of pleasures
for those are the joys of the moment and are swiftly gone
At the same time, know that each moment you savor may not
be the same moment those around you experience
For no one's eyes are following yours 

The most important gifts you bring cannot be tied in ribbons
Let the ways you touch be joyfully sincere 
If sadness comes upon you look inside your self 
 . . . rather than out at others . . .
       for its source 
and know you are surrounded by love no matter what

Above all else express gratitude
and think on this:
      the gifts of the season can make things complicated 
      even when well intended
know that you are accepted and appreciated in your fullness
welcomed and cherished
now and always

take it placidly, dears . . .  

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