Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Be Curious, Seek Truth

Sullen shadows of behaviors
Ungladdened by curiosity after truth
They fall on the sunniest of times
Hidden in that dark of voices not spoken
Fancy little lies lay in wait
Mulling their private disasters
In the places we would rather not go

Bland accusations founded in distrust
Distrust grown where compassion is lost
Compassion tied up in lies

Yes it is painful to throw the light upon these things
When they are found like fungus upon our only bread
We must learn to discern truth
Understand there is no redemption for bread gone bad

Sometimes it takes a fiend after truth
Someone who can stand to be scorched by lies
Someone brave enough to reach into the cauldron of deceit
And show us that
     Every lie has an author
     Every deception, a promoter

The only real responsibility any of us has
Is to the truth
Not to the truth as we wish it was
Or the story we are afraid might be lurking
But this
     The reality of what came before
     The honesty of what is here now
And from that
Comes the vision of a future free of the despair of the liars
And their misdeeds.

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