Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Morning walk, evening stroll

The earth stepped up to greet me
Brown as an old penny
Meeting the water bluer than sapphires and silk gowns
Sunlight lay across my skin warm as passion on a Friday night
When the bands would play
We danced close then
Humid breath faintly marked with cigarets and sloe gin
We were young
wore freckles carelessly
Talked long hours on the telephone
ignored the changing hues of the sky
Today is fading now
Blowing away in the breezes
our sky will change color like the end of the fireworks show
And the stars will rain down like applause
birds will quiet and fly off to their night perches
even the peacocks’ shriek stilled
We will close the day with cheese pizza and red wine
there will be daydreams to review
the rattle of the wind in the palm fronds
out there in the ocean
giant beasts rise up and slap the water
above us all
you may see paths of light across the sky
as fragments of the day
wander through the heavens

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