Monday, April 15, 2013

not very dorothy parker

It had been no small task to get there
Reclined in the passenger seat with a silk sack of lavender flowers
set just so over closed eyelids
Even then light seeped in around the edges
“I must look!” the doctor said sharply
“Will someone hold her arms please?”
For I had inadvertantly batted her hand away
It was holding a light as sharp as any samurai sword
“We must decide if you have a case of parapolyphos”
she informed me loftily as the Red Queen
and bored into me with her doctor light
I was able to choke back all but a pathetic groan
“Parapolyphos! I never heard of it” I scoffed
“Ridiculous!” she scoffed back in a far superior tone
“Anyone with parapolyphos knows exactly what they have.”
It sounded like misdiagnosis to me but we pressed on.
“What is it?” I did deserve to know
they were not only my eyes but there would be money involved
“Too much light gets in but you would know
Your instincts become too loud nothing seems to escape you”
I whimpered then I felt a little that way
but had gone to some lengths to keep out the light
My house has no curtains so was draped now in purple and brown sheets
Air had to come through so they billowed and sometimes came down
“Let’s fit you with a mask” she suggested
“That does not sound very doctorly” I felt combative
“Let’s just try” she soothed, as she peeled over my eyelid
Then pulled something over my head
It was as if my eyes had just been taken to an ideal climate
Soft and clean air, light like the inside of a domed building
It even smelled better in the room
“How is that? Would you like a mirror?”
Now I am not one for miracles but let me tell you
the face in the mirror was mine but relaxed and untroubled
I could see my eyes shining with a smile in them
Everything seemed softer but not out of focus
“The mask has a filter” she explained
“It works like a water filter on the light and removes the sharpness”
“Will I be able to go outside?”
She urged me to try and held onto me as I felt my way to the door
“Where is the parking lot? Have you taken me to a back door?”
“You can think of it like that.” All in front of me was a meadow
tall trees, birds. Beyond, the ocean, serene and blue.
My eyes felt like lychee in syrup, if that makes any sense.
It turns out my health insurance covers it
Now I see only what I need to see
my friends are inviting me over again
my wayward daughter heard about the change and sent cookies
She says she will come visit next new moon
I draped the windows with gossamer they look like a movie set
we eat by candlelight every night
I guess I ought to be missing my edge but I confess I do not

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