Wednesday, April 17, 2013

what sounds may look like

It sounds like a zoo in my yard
Not that I mind as you could mistake it
for the quiet of the jungle
It began with the plants
And the water
Before, the ground was all red dirt and rocks
Once the trees were kiawe
harsh thorns that pierce your shoes and feet
twisted limbs and bent stick branches
Down they came replaced by something more civil
thornless and with flowers
insects came followed by the birds
ferns went in trees with fruit
flowering plumeria pikake and crown flower
Palms sprang up  water gushed
Entire species of feathered things moved in
some down the block
others took up residence in the monkeypods
Next came fountains and feeding stations
pools on pedestals and experiments with grains
Oh they came all right wearing fluffy collars as if it was the opera
There is a vine with pendulous aqua blue flowers
they hang in tapering clusters six and seven feet long
while above the trees glow brilliant red
It is there they bring their twigs and hairs
build small palaces in the dense tangle of vine
their clamor hidden from view
If I could see the sounds they would be colored ribbons
mesmerized by tropical breezes ka makani they are called
twirling like Salome a thousand slender veils in the sunlight

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