Monday, April 23, 2012

Of Things to Come

It was a calm season for storms
Then the night of the Lyrids came 
Fancy rains from boiling skies
Separating us from the streaking meteors
Shrieking it charged over the sea
Wet war horses foaming upon the cliffs
You could not turn away from the perturbed blackness
There upon the heaving ocean came
Intimations of morning
Shivering finger of light
It wrote out the story of what had happened
There above the storm
Thousand chrysanthemum light petals 
A boy lying out in a field in Iowa
New corn coming in and the night so still
You could hear stemlets pushing out of the ground
tiny hairs on each new leaf brushing one another
the grooming of new life
then jumping up he whooped
“That was a beaut!” 
Just for a moment he danced the story of
When he would fall in love
Milky Way across the moonless sky
another night of shooting stars
this time with laughter and a chase through the new corn

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