Sunday, April 1, 2012

Opening April

Out of the bursts of waves
Ocean cream white bubbling foam surface
Mousse thick glistening
Giving birth not to Venus on the half shell
But harsh Mauna Kea
flaunting white thighs sovereign shoulders
feet deep beneath the sea

And now down from the towering mountain
top face telescope studded as if with blemishes
Prodding heaven for truths not guessed at
Comes Poliahu of the frozen heart
Icy lips shaping fluffy masses in the very air

Masses of white drift over Kilauea
Settling misty breath between fronds of fern
elegant Jurassic golden fur adorned
Sunlight translated pulu next to be nest of apapane

Morning sunlight softly pink
hinting at Kukahau‘ula
whose time awaits

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