Wednesday, April 25, 2012

One Day in String of Pearls

A band of clouds lives on the rim of the world
Their reflection in the salty sea is white on blue
It is there the fiddlers play all afternoon
Fillies whinny back of the barn where the straw is musty
Dogs snarl and show each other their teeth
Formidable nature no less so than Mrs Hempingshamworth
Ms Thespianissimo and Mdm Claude-Lukie meeting for a spot of tea
Sweets on a saucer and clotted cream
They will speak of certain custards 
Rumors of the Mayor’s peccadillos
When they overtip the serving girl by so much
She will grab the chance to pack up and leave
Forever this time, to join a high wire act with silks on a sailboat
The three old dames will high five in the parking lot
Bow to the fiddlers on the horizon
Hurry home before the afternoon showers blow in


  1. Thanks to NaPoWriMo for introducing your work to me. Clever, Powerful Fun!

  2. Cornwall?? :)
    Nice poem!