Sunday, April 29, 2012

Taste of the Afterlife

It was nearly the end of her life as we know it
Of that much I was sure her fingers found my quiet arm
And laid upon it like fragments of a trumpet call
Squinching my eyes ever so slightly off to the left hand side
An endless dessert table stretched into the darkening forest
By the glint in her eyes it was clear she saw it too
Words had long left her in the pinch of a balloon tied off
The air inside slightly damp condensed perhaps on purple latex
Inexplicably I reached out for a tiny confection
Tender cake dipped in dark hardened chocolate
Perfect crème anglais lurking beneath
Innocent candy hardened violets in a tight circle on top
She opened her mouth and received it like a communion wafer
I would have bitten it twice
Beneath their sugar shells the violets’ perfume settled in her mouth
like the sparrow’s song of a dewy morning
An upside down cypress tree dangled in a water droplet 
Twisted trunk not yet surrounded by the starry night
Her sigh settled upon the skin below my eyes
So I let them close as in the woods the rains trembled leaves
Fresh moss struck a never before heard chord 
Beneath slippered feet there was a gathering of white petaled daisies
The end of the song was somewhere else 

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