Sunday, April 11, 2010

all change is harder than glass

you would not figure him
to be one to wear smooth a section of the sofa
too much chest and shoulder for staying put
all that fire behind the eyeballs
needs stoking hard breathing for oxygen

had you known him as businessman
GQ’d daily into his glossy persona
would you wonder at the change

he said
he was going bamboo
read Mosquito Coast
pictured the green life in the forest
much the same as you might imagine how
a cake would look
one you made from scratch
then covered with sugar flowers

you would not expect
without the silvery sports car
the garage would remain fascinating
require that special floor
an immaculate appearance – recalling the one
he once achieved every morning
in front of the bathroom mirror

forest forger now
master of alchemy
most all that better living
changed over to a thousand mossy trees
punctuated with intentional spaces
carved polished played into their shape
by his once keyboard hands

see him over there with the musician hair
guitar hands steel toe boots
he still has it in him
vestiges of measuring days by dollars
finding his reflection in stuff of steel
that’s a thought that rides with him
as once did flashing blondes
there for the afternoon into night

back in days of Maui reservations
briefcase cures for cancer
hundreds of thousands of air miles ago

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