Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Twists of the Yarns of Fate

Beneath the surface of the day
where we cannot see or hear
there is where the mechanism of happenstance grinds

the boy on the bicycle
wants his father’s hands to let go
so he can ride free and fast

the father does not want to let go
he sees his son lying on the ground bleeding at the head
too fast and swerving and going over

the son reflects the father’s fears
it is twelve years down the road
the old man’s reaction times too slow for his Ferrari

knitting the scenes below the surface
elderly hands of Fates bring the tale to conclusion
the mountain road the overturned car the son’s head crushed

Over there the greedy woman
sees her neighbor’s house and wants it for herself
envy attaches to her hair roots and fingernail beds

She cannot put away her longing to be near
her neighbor’s husband but he is not a part of her life
still she puts herself in his path but bitterly

Ill will informs her life
Spite eats up what love there had been
All she wants is another’s ruin

Cooperative Fates construct the mosaic of intentions
it comes back in the patterns of night and day
then it is her life that lies shattered

kidneys used up hair taken by radiological treatments
cancer of the soul consumes her
her ashes taken out to sea on her sinking vessel

If you can rest yourself upon the surface
hear the heartbeat of the earth
perhaps ancient arms of Fate will embrace and hold you dear
Love will flow as life blood of the soul
Your spirit tucked into a small place at the oceanside
Generosity and peace the music and the dance

Your thoughts are of the growing things
Laughter like a child’s bubbles out of you
you give away your bounty like ripe tomatoes

Under the surface there is a placid lake of peace
Goodwill for everyone especially those not at peace
Peace and love knit the blanket we all rest beneath
Think it and live it and it will become

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