Monday, April 5, 2010

How many times has she fled

indeed she left home
it was not yet daylight in her life even

Outside the borders of her native land
first thing that went was the family name

you would remember it from Nuremberg
you will know it regardless if you were not yet born
... (Mengele, Goebbels, Goring, Borman) ...
family Mossad tracked and traced

get togethers in the spring with the uncles and aunts
revisionist histories told by candlelight
cousin Rolf dangling the gold chain
revised jewelry from extracted fillings

She took nothing when she left
new life in a new world
she would shed them all
believing in redemption

Began then handling money
paper touched by many hands
like herself moving and exchanging for more and better
almost erotic

When the bank told her to leave
they said they would not prosecute
There was no proof of course

Almost heroic
she crossed the ocean with nothing
nothing except that which she did not take
revised and converted

Unsullied once more
made over like a new virgin, revised
in the family tradition

Much fondled money
did stay with her
...(this could not be helped)...
money crawled into her bed
money tucked into her folds
belonged not to her yet
converted to her hidden troves
it loved her more

she explained it all
every time
she knew everything
... (expert revisionist) ...
especially about her enemies
each and every one
less significant than any moth at a flame

If not
there was all that family history
she did know how to go after someone
it was in her blood
She could turn every Paradise
Camp Hell

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  1. Wonderful narrative, I like the image of the money crawling.