Sunday, April 4, 2010

forest music ode to the vanishing wolf, from afar

moon hiding rains riding winds
rushing rains brushing roof
water brooms sweeping sweeping
this the night song of the rainforest

rushing brushing waves of wind
crackle of twig fall
voice of faint thunder meeting of tree limbs

as if they wanted somewhere to go
ohias tumble together
exchange ha, breathy kisses of wet bark

with daylight the clouds crack open
sunlight bright and warm as a fresh pancake
chorus of birdsong and the clouds slam shut
over here

across there, blue shows in the quilted sky
no water drops cling in optical orbs to the tall hapu’u
all pushed off by impatient wind

ah Prokofiev, the wolf is aprowl
you can hear him now
ancestor to all the forest
ghost howl lest his tribe be lost to time

ha is the sacred breath in Hawaiian


  1. Ooh! Very nice - it has an earthy, primal feel about it. Powerful and strong.

  2. likes the onomatopoeia. It takes me there.

  3. some ghost of mine wrote the last comment... perhaps a boy ghost under my avatar :)

    but this is my favorite one. i like ALL of the sounds.

    the song of the forest sounds in my inner ear quite often... especially the "chorus of birdsong"... i am so jealous!

  4. dear Ali it was ghost Zia

    I am so happy you like this one. Are you going to do more?