Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mulholland Drive

Girl with face fresher than Ivory Soap
Carhop hair & Pepsodent smile

On Mulholland Drive you forget everything even your name
cross the barrier of possibility & probability
step Behind the green door

It was not a Mercedes limo
just standard issue company car
visit to a mob owned store to check out their dumpster
It was a short little man who grabbed her arm and she broke away

A twisting runaway Mulholland Drive chase
Using his car to shove her off the road
It is a long tumble down but in daylight you don’t see
all those city lights a living electric blanket
You could see the dust hear the thumping of heavy metal

As in a dream she pulled her mind away from the scene
short little man drove on and left her there
dusty blue Chevy Nova a name tag that said Bette
Gentlemen preferred her bought her martinis and handled
Legs that could have been in a Hanes photo shoot

It was always the chase that pulled her back
It was her Hollywood movie
Bad guys you could find in a seedy tuxedo shop
when they weren’t holding drinks with thinnest of ice floats
olives on sticks and kills you could count on your fingers
littering their formica countertops back home at 7200 W Franklin
pinpoints in the sea of lights below Mulholland Drive

She did go on to make movies
after the soap advertisement
she changed her name from Bette to Marilyn
after her favorite blonde bombshell that’s what they said
but Marilyn had been the name of her aunt
Both left their bodies behind at 1612 Hayvenhurst
Apartment building of dreamed up lives

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