Thursday, April 22, 2010

What it is about you

Once you were young and I did not know you
Prowling the canals of Amsterdam in short pants
you had no dog to chase sticks and unbury treasure
the sun was waiting for you on the other side of the world

once you held in your arms a guitar
somewhat orange in color it had strings you attached
it answered your hands with rhythms from the heart
dancers emerged from lonely wilderness onto your stage

once you had fast cars that smelled like new leather
laughter climbed the rose arbor of your thighs
red wine stained your saffron scented lips
I knew you then we climbed forested rock faces

once your eyes glinted gold and solar flares
flames from your heart colored the nasturtium sky
your arms enveloped the world of us
from then we have run together with the uncertain wolves
howl and feast under any phase of the moon

once it was our footfalls fast past forest fronds
hidden in the dark before morning dreamtime
eyes pushed open with sudden conscious yearning
after bright sun on blue water
in the palms of our hands

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