Tuesday, April 13, 2010

She's leaving for the Keys

Intentions piled up like unopened mail
days bulging with tasks not done
her life had taken a turn for the worse

OK she’d been sleeping until ten or later
had taken too many sick days
sallow skin had forgotten the sun

little negligences made dustballs in corners
she had forgotten what to do about it all
and knew if she just piled the kids in the car

just left with her cigaret leg jeans and halter tops
no note on the counter top
no hints no explanations no car in the garage

she knew he would not come after her
it could be a real disappearing act
no more contempt from anyone – it was tempting

but first there were all those dishes piled in the sink
one by one she smashed each blue edged plate and bowl
shoved spoons and forks down the disposal and ran it

carton of milk poured right over his shorts
kitty litter into his shoes
oh she was hostile all right

her anger was more overdue than those Blockbuster DVDs
she had a right to it you know
he hadn’t said her name in three years

but climbed onto her so much
she had flattened into a part of the mattress
he would have to admit she was not his furniture

she would be more gone than the money for last week
nope she wouldn’t be his anything any more
the remote control was in her bag now

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