Thursday, April 8, 2010

you can always get what you want

you think you know what you want
house at the white sand
two palm trees and a hammock
warm spring bubbling into your own pond
neighbors far enough away you don’t hear or see them
but friendly enough to join you for umbrella drinks
maybe scrabble and funny stories or a night in town

the car may matter
a sports car convertible and a jeep
and your wardrobe
something for any occasion and flipflops in several colors

make sure there’s enough money to go other places
as if there could ever be too much white sand
but still
you might want to go holiday shopping
or ice skating under a full moon

does it make it any easier to go home to a third floor walkup
to know this
the ocean rolls up over and past the beach in the stormy times
beer drinkers come onto the sand
their good times bleed into your nights
the bills still come
big fat bills for calling those two palm trees yours

OK so instead you will choose another spot
pay up front for the palm trees
buy a generator and put up a wind turbine
escape is more real offgrid
the cell phone bill will show up in the post office

there is more to reinventing life as we know it
than choosing the right spot
somewhere there is a predator
maybe it will not find you
but it will choose victims at will
maybe you maybe an entire country
maybe your country with its bad debt
get used to vulnerability
know that the palm trees are only good
for a few minutes of respite
no matter what or where they are

It is more gratifying to love here
and love now
polish the rails up to your abode
plant something in a redwood box
find your hammock and take it to the park
there are trees everywhere
and the white sand is always at the end of the road

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