Saturday, April 3, 2010

Particle Board Love

Impostors of love
counterfeit poseurs
they do not know themselves not to be
the Real

Over time as edges wear away
they delaminate like the pretenders they are
they must be replaced
like any broken down thing that was never
Right to begin with

We moan and suffer then
though no longer beset by the charlatan
we mourn as though we had lost something
something Real, something Important

Maybe you can see what I say
It will not work out to go back
Again try with the cheap replacement
The quick wit with no heart
Beautiful facade all polish but underneath is
Particle board love

How much longer must I wait?
the lament leaves so many lips
But finding love has nothing to do with waiting
True Love reveals itself
It is a matter of recognition
It is involved with Belief

You are allowed to hesitate
You are encouraged to ask questions
You must know this
You can sit in the lap of True Love
You can stretch in all directions
You can be A Little Bit Dead and come back
True Love is life itself

But the love that is not real
Will make you all the way dead
is worse than paper for brakes
and grows like mold on the soul

Toxic thief of smiles
Let it be done with you

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